Serving Injury Victims and Their Families in Their Fight for Justice
Serving Injury Victims and Their Families in Their Fight for Justice

Personal Injury

Being injured in an accident, or by a defective product or drug, can have lasting effects. If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you may feel unsure about how to recover. At Levin Simes Abrams LLP, we have decades of experience in personal injury law that can help you.

While not every case will be worth millions, pursuing a personal injury claim can help you get compensation for medical bills and other costs.

Our firm has assisted clients on various types of personal injury cases, including:

  • Auto accidents (including Uber riders)
  • Defective drugs
  • Construction site injuries
  • Rideshare accidents
  • Public transit accidents
  • Slip and fall injuries

We have practiced personal injury law long enough to understand that money cannot always make things “right”. But pursuing a claim can make things better, and a dedicated attorney can take away some of the uncertainty so that you can focus on recovering.

What Should I Do Following An Accident?

One of the most common mistakes we see is accident victims talking to the insurance company before consulting an attorney. At the end of the day, insurance companies aims to make money, and they do that by settling claims as quickly as they can at the lowest cost possible. By speaking with an experienced personal injury lawyer first, you can ensure any settlement offer from the insurance company will properly compensate you.

It is also extremely helpful to your case to save receipts and documents relating to your injury. Keep a record of any medical treatment you receive and any bills you acquire. In cases involving defective products, be sure to keep evidence of the products and its defects.

What Is A Catastrophic Injury?

Catastrophic injuries are those that are severe enough to have a significant impact on how someone functions in their everyday life.

Some examples are:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Severe burns
  • Amputations

If you have sustained a catastrophic injury, you may be able to recover medical costs, lost wages and damages for pain and suffering.

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